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How to Customize Your Linkedin URL

This quick guide will go through why you should customize your Linkedin URL, and how to customize your LinkedIn URL.

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Why Customize Your LinkedIn URL?

First things first, why should you customize your Linkedin URL?  For starters, you can choose any URL that hasn’t been taken yet.  This makes it super easy for you to remember your URL in case you need to remember it quickly.

Also, opportunities sometimes come up in the most random times.  You may want to keep it handy in case someone is interested in your professional background.

The most important reason is that it adds a level of professionalism to your resume.

It’s easy enough to do, and the feature is there for anyone to customize, so why not?

How to Customize Your LinkedIn URL


Log into your Linkedin account, and click on the “Me” tab on the top right.

how to customize your LinkedIn url


Next, click on “Edit public profile & URL”.

how to customize your LinkedIn url


Now, choose an easy to remember URL.  Most people use their names.  Mine, unfortunately was taken, so I added “HR” to the end of it.  Still easy enough to remember, and distinguishes me from the other “Tiffany Benjamin’s” out there.

how to customize your LinkedIn url

Click “Save” and you now have yourself a customized Linkedin URL you can place on your resume, website or business cards.

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