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Tiffany Benjamin

What does “Career Alignment” mean to you?

This all sounds too good to be true.
Is this even possible?

It sure is!  As long as you take the time to discover what it is you want to do, what industries and employers you want to work for, and are guided with the right tools to get noticed, securing your dream career is completely attainable.

My name is Tiffany, and here’s where I, your Career Alignment Coach can provide value to you.

What makes me different from your typical Career Coach is that I have almost 20 years of Human Resources experience, and I also earned my Bachelor of Science Degree with a Major in Psychology.  Furthermore, I have my HR Designations in both Canada (Certified Professional in Human Resources – CPHR) and the US (Society of Human Resources Management – Senior Certified Professional – SHRM-SCP).   

Why does that matter?  

I have recruited, hired and coached THOUSANDS of employees, many of whom have gone on to executive careers.  So, I know what recruiters and hiring managers are looking for in their ideal candidate, and I’m confident I can pass on my insider knowledge to help you with your goals.

What’s more is that I have spent the past year learning about innovative and creative methods to getting noticed by your ideal employer.  Believe me when I say that most Career Coaches aren’t employing these strategies into their practice.

Book a call now to apply for my life-changing Career Alignment Program and start living the balanced life you deserve!

Tiffany Benjamin

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Tiffany Benjamin


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